Bridge To Dreams

Lunch at Regular Hangout – Herbs Restaurant


Lunch at Regular Hangout – Herbs Restaurant On June 1, Lucien’s dream of going to one of his regular hang outs - Herbs Restaurant came true! The weather was beautiful, so a drive in the country was a must and Lucien, along with a few friends from the home, stopped in for a yummy

Lunch at Regular Hangout – Herbs Restaurant2024-06-12T12:40:43-04:00

Happy 100th Birthday Peggie


Happy 100th Birthday Peggie!! On September 12th a dream came true! Margaret (Peggie) McDonald was so pleased and excited to be able to celebrate her 100th birthday!! She had been looking forward to celebrating this special occasion and often talked about it to staff and residents within the past several months. As her birthday

Happy 100th Birthday Peggie2021-02-26T16:13:32-05:00